We are passionate educators whose sole mission is to transform our students' academic challenges into strengths. Our mission is 3-fold:



To boost confidence, foster independence and encourage creativity in learning.


To improve academic excellence by empowering students with personalized learning strategies.



Proud to be more than just tutors, we are academic and life coaches focused on enhancing student success.

Preparation: Best Building Blocks


Our Montessori certified early childhood tutors are skilled at crafting fun, creative lesson plans perfect for implementing in the comfort of your homes. Whether it's preparing your child for kindergarten or solidifying the basics being learned during these formative years, we have just the right tutor for you.



Mastery: Critical Thinking and Reasoning.


At Laurel tutors, we focus on coaching your child to become a more independent self learner. With carefully designed worksheets and one-on-one assistance with homework, your child is able to gain confidence while building a vast knowledge base. Through personal interaction with our instructors and our motivation system, students master key computing, analytical, math comprehension, reading comprehension and writing skills.


Vision: Interest & Career Goals


We know that better grades lead to better career choices and you want your child to be prepared for and get into the college of their dreams. Whether it's keeping your student's grades high or providing test prep, our tutors who have attained at least a Bachelor's degree are very familiar with the process and are able to provide a holistic academic support during these critical years.   


Self-paced learning.


About 2 million(4%) students are homeschooled in the United States so you're not alone. At Laurel Tutors, we understand your desire to determine the quality of education and pace at which your child learns. To this end we provide full time or part time support as needed with one-on-one teaching sessions tailored to meet your child's needs. Our teachers and tutors are experienced professionals and passionate educators who will implement your learning goals for your child.